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Dreams I’ve had

Our first single “Dreams I’ve Had”
is out on Nobel Records.

Dreams I’ve had is MOON ontherun’s first single. The song shows some of the hallmarks of the duo’s style: A strong melody-lined tune
combined with sophisticated harmonies give us a powerful pop-song. Dreams I’ve Had is about a deep love that rises and falls between conscious imaginings and unconscious dreams.

Cover - MOON ontherun Dreams I've had

Music: Roger T. Matte
Lyrics: Shaun Bartlett and Suzie Davies

Ingeborg Riis: Vocals
Roger T. Matte: Keyboards and programming

Additional musicians
Børge Petersen-Øverleir: Guitars
Marte Tenden Karlsen: Backing vocals
Petter O.S. Wiik: Keyboards and programming

Produced by Roger T. Matte, co-produced by Petter O.S. Wiik

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