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Want to tell you

Our second single “Want to tell you”
is out on Nobel Records.

Want To Tell You is a passionate powerful ballad starting with Roger playing the piano and Ingeborgs sad, but yet hopeful vocals. The song reaches its emotional climax with an oriental vocal-solo by the magnificent Rola Srour at the end of the song. The lyrics express a story of regret and mournfulness for a lost opportunity, the reason for which we may never know.
This is MOON ontherun in a nutshel.

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MOON ontherun cover Want to tell you

Music: Roger Thierry Matte
Lyrics: Melissa Osland Hermansen & Janne-Camilla Lyster

Ingeborg Riis: Vocals
Roger Thierry Matte: Piano, Production

Additional musicians: Børge Petersen-Øverleir: Guitars
Rola Srour: vocals
Petter O.S. Wiik: Keyboards

Produced by Roger T. Matte, co-produced by Petter O.S. Wiik

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