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Our third single “Prepared”
is out on Nobel Records.

‘Prepared` is a final reckoning. A song about being bitterly
disappointed, shutting down one’s feelings, and preparing the heart to never be hurt again.

This up-tempo homage to the pioners of harmonies and vintage pop music feautures a driving bassline by the eminent bass player Jonny Sjo of D’sound.

MOON ontherun- Prepared is available on streaming services now

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MOON ontherun cover Prepared

Music: Roger T. Matte/Arne Aasland
Lyrics: MOON ontherun

Ingeborg Riis: Vocals
Roger Thierry Matte: Keyboards/Programming

Additional musicians:
Børge Petersen-Øverleir: Guitars
Jonny Sjo: Bass
Petter O.S.Wiik: Keyboards/Programming

Produced by Roger T. Matte, co-produced by Petter O.S. Wiik