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Traces of Time Album

February 04 -2021
The album “Traces Of Time” is out on Nobel Records.

Moon ontherun finally presents the album “Traces of Time”. 
A collection of 13 songs inspired by the great pop-legends in pop-music’s earlier days and also by contemporary pop music. The album is the result of a musical journey that started with composer and pianist Roger Thierry Matte’s passion for harmony-based pop music.

While trying out various singers Ingeborg Riis one day appeared in Roger’s home studio to do a test of the song “For A While”. 
Roger was amazed by Ingeborg’s voice and he knew, this was the voice for his songs.
Initially “just” as a vocalist on the project, Ingeborg got more and more involved in the process, participating with ideas and different advise for the production. Roger states that Ingeborg had an important role and the songs would be far from how they turned out to be without her.

MOON ontherun- Traces of Time, available on streaming services now

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MOON ontherun – Traces of Time Album

1 Sun On My Horizon
2 All Is Now
3 Want To Tell You
4 Mixed Up
5 Lisa
6 What I Came Here For
7 Rainbow Sky
8 Traces Of Time
9 Dreams I’ve Had
10 Marrow
11 In The Heart
12 Prepared
13 For A While

Ingeborg Riis: Lead and backing vocals
Roger Thierry Matte: Piano, keyboards, mallet percussion, programming

Additional musicians: 
Petter O.S. Wiik: Additional keyboards, programming
Børge Pettersen-Øverleir: Guitars (except “Sun On MY Horizon”)
Marte Tenden Karlsen: Backing vocals
Vidar Holm: Guitars 
Nikolai Hængsle: Bass on “Sun On My Horizon”
Jonny Sjo: Bass on “Prepared”
Espen Berg: Keyboards, Programming on “Sun On My Horizon”
Rola Srour: Vocal solo on “Want To Tell You”
Andrea Johnson, Lisa Mathisen: Additional backing vocals on “Mixed Up”

All music by Roger T. Matte
Except track 12 “Prepared”: Co-written with Arne Aasland

Suzie Davies (4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10) Janne-Camilla Lyster (3, 8, 11, 13) Shaun Bartlett (1, 2, 9) Ingeborg Riis (5, 7) Melissa Osland Hermansen (3) Roger T. Matte (6)

All songs produced By Roger T. Matte and Ingeborg Riis with Petter O.S. Wiik
Except “Sun On My Horizon” produced and aranged by Espen Berg and “What I Came Here For” arranged by Børge Pettersen-Øverleir

Vocal recordings engineered by Hans Andreas Horntvedt Jahnsen at Propeller Studios.
Mixed by Mike Hartung at Propeller Music Division.
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaisen at Propeller Mastering.

CD cover/booklet design by Therese Arildsdatter Riis

Special thanks to Børge Pettersen-Øverleir, Rita Endestad, Morten Augustinius, Pierre L. Matte and Yngve Guddal

MOON ontherun- Traces of Time Album, available on streaming services now