IR Ingeborg Riis og Roger T. matte

MOON ontherun is vocalist Ingeborg Riis and composer/instrumentalist/producer Roger Thierry Matte.

MOON ontherun have united their passion for harmony-based pop-songs in a collection of songs. The songs hosts both hushed lyrical songs and more symphonic up-tempo tunes that covers a variety of moods and flavours.

Matte has always had a great passion and admiration for the great pop-legends in the pop-music’s earlier days and for contemporary pop music. With that in mind, he has succeeded in developing songs that integrate  the 70´s style of song-writing with a contemporary soundscape. MOON ontherun may be seen as a homage to those earlier great pop-icons, created in our own time.

Some of the finest musicians and studio personnel in the Norwegian music industry has been involved in the MOON ontherun production, including Johnny Sjo (D’Sound), Nikolai Hængsle (Bigbang etc.)  and Børge Petersen-Øverleir (Kari Bremnes etc.) among others. Produced by Roger Matte and Petter Wiik (Oslo – based composer of electronica). Recorded and mixed at Livingroom and Propeller studios.

Vocalist Ingeborg Riis proves herself as an accomplished singer by delivering each song with her own unique interpretation. She skillfully captures an expressive intimacy in the more delicate ballads and delivers a forceful energy in the up-beat numbers. She has a voice that will instantly capture the listeners attention and heart. Ingeborg is from Kongsberg in Norway and is currently based in Oslo.

Roger T. Matte was born in Tønsberg (Norway). Roger has his background as keyboard-player and percussionist. He is graduated from Norwegian Academy of music. Roger has previously released two albums “Genesis for two grand pianos vol. 1 & 2” where Roger T. Matte and Yngve Guddal arranged and interpreted works of the legendary english band Genesis. Both albums was released by the Genesis` guitarist Steve Hackett on his label Camino Records.

MOON ontherun is signed to Nobel Records